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"Light Workers Around The World Unite" - "We Too Can Make A Difference"

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How To Create A Perfect Bio For This Organization!

WARNING: It is regrettable we have to mention this but please be aware of copy cat web sites claiming to be they official Canadian Association of Psychics if the domain name does not say www.canadianassociationofpsychics.com then you are being mislead.

Also please note when you apply to this organization that you will be asked for your drivers licence & social security number. We require this for a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK For all new members applying to join this organization.

"Are you one of the best Psychics in the Canada?"

The Canadian Association of Psychics is the only Canadian psychic directory where membership is by invitation, and only for those individuals who meet the following criteria!

You must be a Light Worker.
You must be ethical.
You must be honest.
You must have Integrity.
You must be professional.
You have to be one of the best psychics in the USA!
You are NOT a hotline psychic.
You cannot be a member of another organization that is promoting Hot Line Psychics.
You cannot be available to clients only through chat rooms.
You cannot just do email readings.
You cannot be available instantly.
You cannot be charging by the minute.
You must have a professional web site.
You cannot do spell work.

Please note requesting information about membership in no way guarantees you membership, membership is strictly by invitation.

Simply Enter Your Details Below, then click on the "Invite Me Now" button at the bottom of the page and we shall immediately send you more information.

Go Ahead Enter Your Details...

You are now applying to the most Elite Organization in Canada for Enlightened Beings. Who are on this planet to make a difference. Our Moto for the organization is

"Light Workers Around The World Unite"
"We Too Can Make A Difference"

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